Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One Thing

If you can only do one thing to boost your sustainability

Celebrate the seasons.  Relish in the sounds, scents and flavors of each moment.  As a green-roof designer and rooftop agriculture advocate, I help urbanites envision green spaces that foster seasonal change.  From spring peas germinating to pepper plants fruiting to cover crops taking root, rooftop gardens can help city dwellers experience nature’s small miracles firsthand.

When you taste your first homegrown tomato – regardless of whether it was grown on the roof or the ground – something inside of you will change.  You’ll want more.  You’ll become curious about when and where and how you can grow basis to pair with your sun-kissed fruit.  You’ll seek out local mozzarella.  You’ll share your bounty with friends, and tell others how delicious summer tastes (or winter in South Florida).

Experience is the most powerful agent of change.  To think more sustainably, to live more sustainably, get your hands dirty and embrace the seasons as they unfold all around us. 

Lauren Mandel, MLA – Landscape architect, green-roof designer and author

From Urban Farm Magazine (March/April 2013)

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