Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tree Thursday - Black Ironwood

Black Ironwood  
Krugiodendron ferreum 
Black Ironwood is an excellent small to medium native tree for South Florida rarely growing up to near 30 feet perfect for almost any yard.  The bark is gray and the leaves are a glossy green.  The tree keeps a compact shape so it needs very little pruning.  While the flowers are not really noticeable to humans, they are a great source of nectar for local pollinators.  Black Ironwood bears a small black fruit that is edible and loved by birds. 

The wood of the Black Ironwood is extremely hard.  It may be the densest, heaviest wood of any native tree in the United States.  It’s definitely a tree we need to see more of in South Florida!

Growth Rate – Slow
Salt Tolerance – Medium
Drought Tolerance – High