Tuesday, July 16, 2013

National Moth Week

I had never heard of National Moth Week until I got a notice of local activities.  National Moth Week is a global celebration of moths and biodiversity, being held on the last week of July, which is July 20-28 this year.  Here’s some information from the National Moth Week website:

Why moths?
  • Moths are among the most diverse and successful organisms on earth.
  • Scientists estimate there are 150,000 to more than 500,000 moth species.
  • Their colors and patterns are either dazzling or so cryptic that they define camouflage. Shapes and sizes span the gamut from as small as a pinhead to as large as an adult’s hand.
  • Most moths are nocturnal, and need to be sought at night to be seen – others fly like butterflies during the day.
  • Finding moths can be as simple as leaving a porch light on and checking it after dark. Serious moth aficionados use special lights and baits to attract them.

National Moth Week provides a much-needed spotlight on moths and their ecological importance as well as their incredible biodiversity.  National Moth Week offers everyone, everywhere a unique opportunity to become a Citizen Scientist and contribute scientific data about moths. Numerous organizations around the world have partnered with National Moth Week and are supporting the event. Through partnerships with major online biological data depositories, National Moth Week participants can help map moth distribution and provide needed information on other life history aspects around the globe.

In Broward County, National Moth Week will be celebrated with activities at Long Key Nature Center at 3501 S.W. 130th Avenue in Davie.  Events include:
Moth Day • July 21
12 p.m. to 5 p.m.• All Ages • Free
Presented in cooperation with the Broward Butterfly Chapter and the Miami Blue Chapter of the North
American Butterfly Association.

Moth Night • July 26
8:00 p.m. • All Ages • $5/person
Presented in cooperation with the Broward Butterflies Chapter and the Miami Blue Chapter of the North
American Butterfly Association.

Magical Moths for Kids • July 27 and 28
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. • Ages 3-12 yrs. • $5/child

For more information go to http://coontie.fnpschapters.org/data/uploads/newsletters/moth-week-flyer.pdf or call the Long Key Nature Center Office at 954.357.8797.