Monday, April 7, 2014

April is Earth Month - here's some tip to Green Your Routine!

Change Five Lights
Did you know that the average home has approximately 30 light fixtures and spends about 12% of its electricity bill on lighting?
Replace your five most frequently used light fixtures or light bulbs with Energy Star qualified products, and you will prevent carbon pollution while saving $75  a year on energy bills.
Lighting itself accounts for more of the energy you use than your laundry equipment, refrigerator, and dishwasher combined. A single light bulb that has earned the Energy Star can save between $40 and $135 in electricity costs over its lifetime. And that same single light bulb that has earned the Energy Star prevents, on average, between 570 and 1,825 pounds of carbon pollution over its lifetime.
A household equipped with Energy Star certified products can reduce carbon pollution by over 100,000 pounds and save about $9,300 on utility bills over the life of these products