Thursday, August 7, 2014

How To Make A Stand Cast Birdbath in Leaf Shape

I meant to send this out yesterday for Wildlife Wednesday.  Oh, well – just one day late!  J
If you’re looking on ways to improve your garden design, we have just the thing to achieve that. This interesting looking bird bath will attract not only birds but people alike. Make sure you impress every visitor to your garden from now on by making the DIY Sand Cast Birdbath in Leaf Shape. Like the name says it, this birdbath is made in the shape of a leaf, in order to blend in with the rest of a natural environment. And thus, the birds will feel safer to take a bath in your lovely piece of decoration.
Here is the list of necessary items for this DIY project:
• Large leaf ( rhubarb leaf)
• 1 bag of sand
• 2 bags of concrete
• Water
• Plastic wrap
• Tubular concrete form
• Paint or concrete dye (optional)
• Concrete sealer
• Bucket or mixing Tray for concrete
• Hoe for mixing
• Scrub brush
• Paintbrush
• Foam brush
• 2 containers for paint and sealer
Begin with pouring the sand over a paper-covered surface and lay your leaf on top of it. Make sure you made a mound of sand in the center so the resulting birdbath will be a proper basin filled with water. When your concrete is all mixed in the bucket, pour it over the leaf. Leave it to harden and then apply the paint and sealer. You could choose to place the birdbath at a certain height, in which case you must also make a tall foot out of concrete. Fill your DIY work it with water in the end and watch how your garden will enrich itself with some birds and a brand new ornament.