Thursday, February 12, 2015

Finding the right tree for your space

Planting a tree can be fun and rewarding but you need to make sure you plant the right tree in the right place so that 10 to 15 years down the road the tree is not causing damage.  We are very lucky in South Florida that we have a wide range of tree species that grow in a multitude of sizes.  You should be able to find at least one tree species that will fit the space that you have.  Watch this blog over the next year for information on selecting the right tree for your planting space.  Here’s some basic information to consider when selecting a tree.  -- Gene
Growing space both above and below ground should be considered when selecting a tree to plant. Too often allowances are not made for the increased size of the tree when it matures. Some of the problems that can be avoided by selecting the proper tree for the available planting space are:
•Damage to houses through cracked foundations, leaves in gutters or abrasion of tree limbs hitting the house;
•Cracked pavement of sidewalks, driveways, porches and patios;
•Sewer lines or septic tanks clogged by roots;
•Dangerous screening by obscuring traffic signs, pedestrians or vehicles;
•Storm damage and electrical problems from trees or limbs affecting utility lines; and
•Blocking scenic views or windows.
One objective for planting trees in a residential setting is to provide shade to cool homes during the summer months. For morning shade, plant trees on the southeast exposure of the house. For afternoon shade, trees should be planted on the southwest exposure. Deciduous trees (those that lose leaves during the winter) allow the sun to warm the house during winter and shade it during the summer months. Evergreen trees planted on a northern exposure will screen or block cold winter winds.
Remember that trees will become larger with age. Your evaluation of the site before planting will allow you to choose the correct size of tree for the site, avoid crowding before it occurs and save time and money at some future date.