Thursday, March 5, 2015

Where’s the best place to plant my tree?

From our Save-A-Tree, Plant-A-Tree Program:
When deciding the location to plant your tree here are a few things you need to consider:
  1. The tree you received is currently too small to plant on your swale (area of right-of-way between sidewalk and street) so it should be planted on your private property. 
  2. Know how big your tree will get.  Check the flyer you received or go to to find out. 
  3. Plan for future growth.  Planting your tree in the right place will reduce maintenance and a number of problems for years to come.  These are recommended distances from your house, pool, underground utilities, sidewalks and other improvements:
    1. 8 feet for Small growing trees
    2. 15 feet for Medium growing trees
    3. 20 feet for Large growing trees 
    4. See the diagram below on placement around overhead utility lines.
  1. Trees can save you money on your energy bill.  Trees should be placed on the south, west, and east sides of your house to provide the best shade. 
  2. The tree you received needs full sun for best growth.  Don't place these trees in the shade of other trees. 
  3. Call Before You Dig – What you can't see can hurt you, so before you reach for a shovel, reach for the phone. Did you know that a free call to Sunshine 811 will start the process of getting underground utility lines marked? Simply dial 811 at least two full business days before you plan to start digging and a representative will come out to your house or business and clearly mark the location of all underground utilities. This is a free service. You can also submit your request online at
  4. For more information: