Monday, June 15, 2015

Complete Pallet Garden Set

If you thought pallets are something you use only if you want a minimalistic design in your furniture, think again! The possibilities of building something creative and unique are vast. The approach to using pallets is what differentiates this project. So, if you think you’re up to the task, be prepared to make a complete garden set out of pallets. We’re not talking about refurbishing some normal pallets, but actually using them to the fullest extent. Ordinary beds made out of pallets are nothing compared to a complex build like the one featured on this website. That’s because you’re not only attaching a few pallets to each other, but actually making a structure out of the wood collected from pallets, drilling them to each other in a way you would use if you’ve been working in a furniture factory. If you previously thought DIY furniture was a child’s play, this will represent a whole new level. Take the challenge and make a beautiful pallet garden set like the one you see in the picture. Good luck!
source: 1001Pallets