Monday, July 13, 2015

Vote Today for the Great American Tree!

It's time to vote! Have a say in the Great American Tree Competition!
Great American Tree Competition

Vote Today for the
Great American Tree!

Everyone has a favorite tree. It's a landmark to your community, has a compelling story, or makes a huge environmental contribution. It personifies perseverance or is a testament to history. It's grand and noble or small and dignified. Vote now in the American Grove's first annual Great American Tree Competition.
38 nominations throughout the United States have been entered in the contest—two of which are from Florida—and voting is now open and runs through Thursday, July 30.

Trees nominated from Florida include:

Allegheny Chinkapin in Tallahassee, FL nominated by Charlie Marcus
Ficus benjamina in Coconut Grove
State winners receive a plaque recognizing their tree and the first place winner of the Great American Tree contest will receive $500 and a complimentary scholarship to the Partners in Community Forestry (PCF) Conference in Denver, CO (November 18-19, 2015). Second place is $250 and a PCF scholarship, and third place is $100. The Arbor Day PCF Conference is designed to provide inspiration and tools that help strengthen community forests.
Every vote counts, so please vote today!
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