Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Funny - This Spiky Invention Won't Let You Dawdle in the Shower

Jul 23, 2015
It could turn anyone into a morning person — with a little tough love.
There's a guilty party in every home: The family member who loves to linger (and belt out a few bars of "Shut Up and Dance," we bet) in the shower. It's a not a problem that's easily solved — but artist Elisabeth Buecher thinks she has the answer. 
Buecher designed a concept shower curtain with inflatable spikes. After you spend four minutes washing up (half the the time an average shower takes — sans leg-shaving, we can only imagine), the spikes fill with air and literally kick you out the tub. She calls her rude awakening the "green warrior," because its intention is to get you to conserve water. 
You can't buy one (yet, anyway), but we bet budget-minded moms with a sense of humor would line up for one. For now, consider a low-flow showerhead to save on your water bill and help out Mother Nature.  Still, we're not sure there's anything more impossible to ignore than this spiky surprise:
Elisabeth Buecher