Friday, April 13, 2012

5 Furniture Rescue and Redo Tricks

Here’s some “green” weekend projects for you.  Not so sure about the denim covered couch but the rest of the projects are pretty cool. 

5 Furniture Rescue and Redo Tricks

Don't throw that old ugly furniture away! Fix it up!

There are so many ways to restore or reclaim old ugly furniture. Whether you have furniture hand me downs that need work, or have found a beat up piece of furniture with good bones in the thrift store, here are some great transformations to inspire you.

 1. Decoupaged Yellow Dresser
Paint and cheery yellow fabric make this 45 year old dresser better than new.

 2. Denim Covered Couch
Grab a bunch of thrifted jeans and sew up a patchwork slipcover. Leave some of the pockets in for handy remote control storage.

 3. Side Table Transformations
Here are two great reconned tables: one is hand painted with a beautiful damask pattern, and one has a wonderful mosaic top.

 4. Marble Mosaic Top
Take an inexpensive thrift store table, paint it a bright color, add brightly colored flat backed marbles, and you've got a one of a kind showpiece for your home.

 5. Painted Hutch
Nothing fancy here: a little repair work and a few coats of paint gave this stunning hutch a new lease on life. Simply painting an item can make a huge difference. Give it a try! 


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