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~Florida leads the nation in water reuse efforts and residents can help continue the trend~

Using rain collection barrels can help water gardens, plants and flowers and serve as an easy way for Floridians to reuse water.

TALLAHASSEE –Florida Governor Rick Scott proclaimed May 20-26, 2012 as Florida Water Reuse Week to bring awareness of the importance of water reuse to meeting Florida's future water supply needs. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection urges Florida's residents and businesses to celebrate Water Reuse Week to learn more about how easy it is to reuse water on a daily basis.

“DEP is committed to working with the Florida’s water management districts, communities and businesses to ensure the environment is protected and future water supply needs are met," said Greg Munson, DEP Deputy Secretary for Water Policy and Ecosystem Restoration. “DEP strives to get the water right and reuse efforts can make a positive impact to both water supply and protecting our natural resources.”

Leading the nation in water reuse, the state of Florida reuses more than 660 million gallons of reclaimed water each day to conserve freshwater supplies and replenish rivers, streams, lakes and the aquifers. Reclaimed water is often seen in landscaping, agriculture and golf courses, the use of which drastically cuts down on fresh water use. Florida uses reclaimed water to irrigate more than 280,000 residences, 500 golf courses and hundreds more parks and schools.

Florida residents use more than 6 billion gallons of fresh water daily, while producing billions of gallons of wastewater through daily activities such as showers, laundry and dishwashing. With simple actions to reuse water, Floridians can augment Florida’s water resources and allow traditional sources of fresh water to be conserved. Saving water also translates to saving money on lower utility bills.

During Water Reuse Week and throughout the year, DEP also encourages residents to undertake water reuse and conservation practices to help to ensure safe, clean, and sustainable water resources:

-Collect rain water in buckets during storms which can be reused for irrigating yards, cleaning driveways and toilet flushing.
-Before emptying a pet’s drinking bowl, use the unfinished or old water to water plants.
-Plant a rain garden that will capture excess stormwater runoff, limit topsoil erosion, reduce flooding, and enhance yard beauty.
-Take excess water from a bath or from washing dishes and put into the toilet for flushing.
-Wash fruits and vegetables in a pan, not under a running faucet, and reuse that water for gardening.
-Use a commercial car wash that recycles water.

For more water reuse tips, such as how to plant a rain garden or build a rain barrel please visit http://www.protectingourwater.org/.

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