Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tips from the National Geographic Website

From the National Geographic Website

LIVING ROOM (or office)
Power outlet vs. Power strip: Plugging your TV and VCR/DVD into a power strip rather than an outlet will save you about 2 percent on your annual electricity bill. Even when you turn these appliances off, they continuously leak up to 15 watts of electricity if they're plugged into an outlet. When plugged into a power strip, however, these appliances leak only about one to three watts.

Hand wash vs. Dishwasher: You'll use up to 35 percent less water by doing a full load of dishes, which haven't been pre-rinsed, in your dishwasher instead of by hand. You can also save about 15 percent on total dishwasher energy use if you select the air-dry setting or open the dishwasher's door instead of using its drying cycle.

Freezer on the side vs. Freezer on the top or bottom: A fridge with a top or bottom freezer will save 15 percent more in annual refrigerated-related energy costs than a side-by-side model, which lets more chilled air escape. To be greener still, steer clear of refrigerators with icemakers and water dispensers in the door. They can increase energy use by almost 20 percent.

Gas oven with electric ignition vs. Electric oven: A gas oven is 50 percent more efficient than an electric oven. If you're interested in cutting costs further, try baking with glass or ceramic pans instead of metal. An electric ignition also helps save gas because its pilot light is not continuously burning.


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