Monday, November 4, 2013

The Florida Urban Forestry Council

I bet most of you didn't know that just about every state has an Urban Forestry Council and there's even a National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council.  I have been associated with the Florida Urban Forestry Council (FUFC) since its inception in
1991.  I currently sit on the Executive Committee as the City Arborist representative.  The main goal of the FUFC and other urban forestry councils is to promote the sound urban forestry policies and practices throughout the state.

Sound Urban Forestry is critical to creating a sustainable environment within our cities and communities.  I invite you to explore the FUFC website and encourage you to become a member so that you might be informed.  Below is information on the latest Council Quarterly membership newsletter.  Members also receive a monthly eNews message called "In a Nutshell."  

The Council Quarterly 2013 Issue Three

Inside this issue:
  • Updating Your Tree Ordinance, A Mayor's Perspective
  • Mobile Applications for Urban Forestry
  • Gainesville Hugs Its Trees
  • Friends of Our Urban Forest Awards Application
  • Stump the Forester ** NEW FEATURE **
  • Letters to the Editor  **NEW FEATURE **
  • Tree of the Quarter- Nuttall Oak
  • Managing Community Spotlight - City of Brooksville
 To read these articles and more, download the latest Council Quarterly .
Thank you for your continued support of the
Florida Urban Forestry Council!

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