Wednesday, December 11, 2013

When shopping remember, quality trumps quantity.

By now you know that reduce is the most important of the three R’s. One good way to reduce is to invest wisely in quality, long-lasting products. A cheap, hard-to-pronounce bookshelf might seem like the best option to hold up your books, but first consider whether or not you will want that shelf in your home ten years from now. Will it last that long? Spend a little more money on a piece you will love, not replace, a few years down the line. The same goes for clothes. Try spending a little more money on well made shoes and clothes, and reduce the need to replace worn out items after only a few uses. In addition to their long shelf-life, well made pieces have a a better resale value and are usually more apt to be cared for. One of our friends was constantly buying new sunglasses, when her $10 pairs kept getting lost or broken. She finally splurged on an expensive pair of designer shades and has managed to hold on to them for four years so far. With one investment she reduced her consumption by about 20 pairs! Reduce your use and save your money for products you’ll be proud to know for a long time.