Monday, June 9, 2014

Coca Cola’s Bottle Cap Happy Hacks

Coca Cola's Bottle Cap Happy Hacks
Giving new life to old things is a tremendous feat, and with the amount of plastic ocean-bound trash that we discard year after year, it's something we should do more of. That was the thinking behind Coca Cola's '2nd Lives' campaign, which inspires the children of Vietman, Thailand and Indonesia to transform empty drinks bottles into useful everyday objects and toys.
Powered by Ogilvy & Mather China, the initiative forms part of their global sustainability scheme, which goes by the name 'Live Positively'. The 2nd Lives campaign involves a set of sixteen innovative screw-on caps that can transform waste into something wonderful. like paint brushes, pencil sharpeners, water guns and bubble blowers. Some of the adaptors are more adult-friendly and serve a more practical purpose, like detergent containers, sauce squeezers and plant squirters.
As one of the biggest bottlers on our planet, it is Coca Cola's responsibility to drive changes that reduce their impact and see that their products have a lifecycle that goes beyond the last sip. The initiative joins a handful of equally inventive and inspiring ideas they have unleashed in recent times, including the Happiness Arcade and their Drink2Wear sustainable fashion range. Although only 40,000 bottle cap hack kits will be distributed, it is a positive sign of the times and emblematic of the new world-friendly mindset that corporates are taking on.
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Posted by Nick Malster
June 3, 2014