Thursday, June 5, 2014

When a Pencil Becomes a Plant

We have always been advocates of using your pencils to the end, but Sprout have planned even further ahead. To combat throw-away culture, they have designed an ingenious wooden pencil which can be planted in a pot once it was been worn down to a stub. With a bit of love, water and sunshine, the pencil stub will grow, develop roots, and blossom into a fully-fledged plant that will provide fresh vegetables and herbs.
Sprout comes in eleven different varieties, including green peppers, cherry tomatoes, thyme, dill, rosemary and many more. We are told to wait 2-3 weeks before it sprouts and 4-5 weeks before your fresh herbs and veggies are ready to be used for cooking.
Sprout’s innovative idea is a truly dual-edged blade. On one hand, it cuts our wastage of basic utensils and objects, which get cast into the rubbish bin long before they’ve given all they have to give. On the other, it encourages households to be more self-sustainable when it comes to sourcing fresh ingredients, luring us away from tomatoes which are flown in from Italy.
Stopping stationary waste may only be a microcosm of the colossal waste issue worldwide but it just goes to show that, with a little ingenuity, humankind has the opportunity to reinvent resource systems for the better – regardless of scale.
You can get your hands on Sprout by heading to their website.
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Posted by katee
June 4, 2014