Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Eco-Friendly Apartment Living Tips – How To Go Green in an Apartment

April 17, 2014 by Christine T
Most people think it's much easier to go green and start living Eco-friendly when you have your own place. You probably have room to garden, compost and a place for recyclables. You can alter things such as the kind of paint you use and the appliances you have. When you live in an apartment, many things can't be changed so you may feel like there isn't much you can do. Living in an apartment does not have to mean giving up a green lifestyle, though!
Eco-Friendly Apartment Living Tips
Use your balcony or patio to its fullest extent. You can grow many herbs and vegetables in pots. You don't actually have to dig up any ground to be a little bit sustainable. While you may not get enough to can to hold you over the entire winter, you will probably get many uses out of some potted vegetables and herbs to make it worthwhile. Just think; if you grow enough for just a few meals, it is less you are buying and just a little better for the environment. Going green is not an all or nothing thing. Every little bit counts.
Use your machines wisely. While you may have no control over which machines are in your apartment and if they are energy efficient, you do have control over how you use them. Don't run the dishwasher if it is not full. The same goes for the washer and dryer. Wear clothing more than once before you wash it to create less loads. Make your own detergents that are natural.
Clean the green way. It doesn't matter where you live. You can use green cleaning products like baking soda and vinegar no matter what. You don't have to live in a house in order to clean with them. Here are some eco-friendly cleaning tips.
Recycle what you can. Ask your complex if they would be OK with starting a recycling program. If they say no, there is no reason you can't make arrangements on your own for your recyclables to be taken to the proper places. Check in your community for drop off points and make trips there with your neighbors to make it happen if need be.
Find ways to re-use what you can.  Just because your storage space may be limited in an apartment doesn't mean you can't save things to be re-used. For instance, rather than buying plastic food storage containers, use the ones that your food comes in. Here are 6 storage ideas using repurposed items.
Be smart with heat and cold. You can weatherize even if you live in an apartment. Simple things like covering your windows in plastic in the winter and using fans to help distribute cold air in the summer can be done no matter when you live. Turn your thermostat down at night in chilly weather and open the windows at night in the summer to allow cooler air in can all be great ways to use less energy.
More Ways to save on Utilities:
Get things fixed that need to be to avoid water waste. If you have leaky pipes, or a running toilet, get them fixed. When you rent, it is your landlord's responsibility to pay to keep these things in good order so there is no reason not to ask them to do it. Also, you can install a shower head that is low flow with no special skills. Just keep the old one to re-install when you move out.
Pick a good location. When you are looking for a new apartment, pick one that is not only a good price for your budget, but also a good location. Make sure it is close to stores and other essential businesses so you can walk to them instead of driving.
Get creative. Allow things to air dry on your shower or balcony. Make a mini compost box that fits under your sink. Install low watt CFL light bulbs in the light fixtures. There really is a lot you can do to go green when living in an apartment.