Thursday, October 9, 2014

#tbt everything old is new: ‘green’ posters from wpa

THESE POSTERS FROM THE WPA ERA SEEM SO FRESH, I just had to share them after my friend with a keen eye for vintage, Pam of Retro Renovation, tipped me off yesterday. She emailed me the link to the Library of Congress treasure trove the graphic beauties live on in, called "By the People, For the People: Posters from the WPA, 1936-1943." The messages–of conservation, hard work, simplicity, rich with phrases like "preserve food" and "spare our trees"– just struck me as right for now. Have a look at a slideshow of what I found.
The Library of Congress collection includes 908 original posters produced as part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal. Of 2,000 WPA posters known to exist, the LOC's collection of more than 900 is the largest, the site explains. I simply searched by keywords for topics like "trees" and "farms" and "flowers," but there are nearly 900 more to be enjoyed, on other subjects.
Below are a few examples but there are more at