Tuesday, December 16, 2014

10 Ways to Make your Hanukkah More Sustainable

Here are the Top 10 quick and useful suggestions from Hazon, to make your Hanukkah more healthy and sustainable. To find out more information and suggestions from Hazon for Hanukkah, visit the Hazon Hanukkah Resource Page.
1 – Hanukkah Recipes   Go to http://hazon.org/10-ways-to-make-your-hanukkah-more-sustainable/ for links to at least 4 different recipes.
2 – Change Up Your Latke            Toppings: Rather than buying a traditional brand of sour cream, stock up on an all-natural or organic sourcream. More of an applesauce fan? Make your own from apples purchased locally or buy an organic brand. Latke: You can use sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes, or carrots as an added healthy bonus to give your latkes a different taste! Learn about more changes on the traditional latke from the Jew & the Carrot!
3 – Buy Organic Oil          Since Hanukkah frequently involves oil in some form for every meal, buying organic oil ensures a more sustainable celebration. We recommend Negev Nectars, which makes sustainable olive oil in the south of Israel.
4 – Use Local Potatoes and Onions          Potatoes and other root vegetables are in abundance during the winter. Stop by your local farmers market and stock up prior to making your Hanukkah latkes.
5 – Buy Fair Trade Chocolate      If you still want chocolate gelt, opt for Fair Trade choices. We recommend: Chocolove, Dagoba, Equal Exchange, and Sunspire. Try making your own gelt using this great Jew & the Carrot recipe!
6 – Make Your Own Gifts             Take a photo and create your own frame, knit a scarf or a hat, or make your own beeswax candles. Also, bake a special Hanukkah dessert to give to friends and family as a more environmentally friendly gift.
7 – Give Money for a Great Cause           Instead of giving chocolate Hanukkah gelt, give money to your local emergency food provider or hunger relief organization.You can support Hazon and help build a healthier and more sustainable community, by a general Hazon Donation, or you can contribute to the participants of Hazon Rides. For help finding a local emergency food provider near you, check out Ample Harvest. Another great resource for donating money as a gift is Heifer International, in support of hunger outreach programs.
8 – Participate in 8 Days of Action            After lighting your menorah each evening, dedicate yourself to being more environmentally sustainable and enacting food justice when possible. Volunteer at your local emergency food provider one night, cook a meal for someone recovering from surgery the next night, and screen a movie relating to food justice another night.
9 – Reuse the Wrap        Reusable gift bags are a great way to be environmentally conscious as well as a great supplementary gift, a beatiful gift bag that the next individual can reuse! Check out Etsy for some awesome Hanukkah themed reusable gift bags and wrap!
10 – Green Your Hanukkah Decorations                                Try crafting a dreidel out of recyclable materials. Also, as a family or community activity, make your own hannukiah using recycled materials you find around your house. Remember making an alphabet block hannukiah as a child? Recreate the experience with your family or community, and see how creative you can make your hannukiah! Here are some great suggestions from the Huffington Post about how to green your very own hannukiah!