Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Seven Red Birds for the Holidays

I can’t think of prettier cards to send out to all my friends and readers here!  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and wishing you a wonderful sustainable New Year!  -- Gene
12/10/2014 // By David Mizejewski
Red is a color associated with Christmas, Yule and the winter holiday season in general.
Here in North America, we don’t have too many wildlife species that are red. There are a few reptiles that have a bit of red on them, but the species that sport this vibrant color over all or most of their bodies are pretty much are all birds.
Here are seven of the most cheerily red birds that might show up in your backyard or community.
Click on their names to learn more about them, and hare your sightings and photos of red birds in the comments section below!
Pine Grosbeak by National Wildlife Photo Contest entrant David Halgrimson.
Cardinal by National Wildlife Photo Contest entrant Bob Schlake.
Summer tanager by National Wildlife Photo Contest entrant John Bomar Jr.
Purple finch by Rick Derevan on Flickr.
Vermilion flycatcher by Carol Foil on Flickr.
Red crossbill by Warren Lynn on Flickr.