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Bring your plants to work

Eco Memo: Bring Your Plants to Work

By Kati Stevens

Mon Aug 25 07:00:00 EDT 2008
Many of us spend almost all our daylight hours at the office. Our plants spend theirs in the dark in our homes.

It's not just pets that feel human loss while we're gone. Our carbon dioxide is the sustenance of indoor plants, while the ones that live on the windowsill often get neglected because, well, sometimes we simply forget they're there behind the Venetian blinds. When did we last water them? Does their soil need changing? Why do they whimper when we walk out the door in the morning?

Green up and bring those sad,
lonely plants, be they small or large, to work. They'll green up your desk, windowsill or cubicle space, and it will be much harder to forget about them. If you have potted herbs, you can win over your coworkers hearts and stomachs by insisting they snip off some rosemary for the pork chops they're cooking tonight or oregano for their pasta.

They might be so pleased (and how could they not be), that they'll start herb gardens in their own home or office spaces, turning them into happier, healthier coworkers who invite you over for supper or bring you the leftovers. Best of all, while your plants are helping
purify the air in your office, they too are more likely to thrive simply by having more people breathing around them. Giving is receiving. That's what being green is all about.
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