Friday, March 16, 2012

Arbor Day Foundation Members Help AddressChallenges in our National Forests

Our national forests are being threaten by bark beetles, diseases, and invasive insects from other lands.  The beetle devastation is spreading acrose the West and now threatens to move eastward.  Foresters blame the epidemic primarily on two things:
1)  management practices that have eliminated the natural role of fire in the western forests, creating crowding and stress, and
2)  climate change that is preventing deep freezes that killed bark beetles during winters of old.
Foresters are fighting back with the help of members of the Arbor Day Foundation.  Through improved forestry and by planting a diverse population of new forest trees, land hit by beetles and wildfires is being restored. 
Already millions of trees have been planted as many Foundation members support replanting efforts in forests as they join or renew their membershio each year.  Two other ways of providing significant help are donations to Trees in Memory and Trees in Celebration (   
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(Information taken from the March/April 2012 Arbor Day newsletter.)
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