Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gas-saving Myths Busted

Gas-saving Myths Busted (From June 2008 Day-Timer E-letter) 

Many popular gas-saving tips are nothing more than myths. Here's the real scoop on three of the most commonly circulated ones:

MYTH: Fill your gas tank in the morning. The cold temperature makes liquid gasoline denser, so you get more combustible fuel molecules per gallon.
TRUTH: Underground gasoline tanks are like gigantic thermal bottles. Temperature fluctuation is rare and of little overall consequence.

MYTH: Turn off your air conditioner. It's very costly and has a dramatic effect on mileage.
TRUTH: Around-town driving, using the air conditioner will drop fuel economy by about a mile a gallon. Driving at higher speeds with the windows down greatly increases aerodynamic drag. As speed increases, drag becomes more of an issue, making air conditioner use the more efficient choice at high speeds.

MYTH: Use premium fuel to achieve maximum miles per gallon
TRUTH: Newer cars for which premium fuel is "recommended" - but not "required" - won't suffer from the use of regular fuel. When engine sensors detect regular instead of premium fuel, the system automatically adjusts spark plug timing, reducing horsepower to maximize fuel economy.

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