Wednesday, June 20, 2012

12 Step Program Part 2

The 12 Step Program for Going Green Steps 5 through 12

Published by Justine Burt on July 29, 2008 in Green 101 and Green Lifestyle.
Amazon Green Scene recently profiled a man named Wade in Seattle  ( who wanted to go green. He was tired of feeling guilty for throwing away all his recyclables, concerned about $4/gallon gas and wondered if people embracing organic food were onto something.
He didn’t know how to do it, though. “Man, I need a 12-step process or roadmap on how to be Green. Can somebody help me with that?”
Wade, is here to assist you. Follow this program and in a few months you’ll enjoy financial and health rewards as well as peace of mind knowing you’re contributing to the solution. Keep in mind that the hardest part of a 12 step program is often step one.
5. Optimize energy use – Implement energy conservation then energy efficiency opportunities. After you’ve reduced your energy demand as much as you can, purchase green energy (solar for your home or renewable energy from a green energy supplier) and finally, offset any remaining energy supplied by fossil fuels with renewable energy credits.
6. Reduce the impact of your transport – When you need to move yourself to another place, first consider options at the top of this transportation hierarchy and work your way down: walking, bicycling, electric bicycling, using mass transit (trains, buses), carpooling, riding in a single occupancy vehicle, and flying.
7. Food – Substitute a vegetable protein for a meat protein once in a while. Look for opportunities to buy locally-grown, seasonally-available organic produce.
8. Building – Downsize your living space so you only have as much space as you need.
9. Waste – Before buying something, consider if the item is durable, recyclable, compostable or reusable.
10. Start with no-cost changes – Work your way up to low-cost green changes and then investment-grade changes.
11. Commit to continuous improvement – Remember that sustainability is a journey not a destination.
12. Help others – Share green tips you have learned in a positive, hopeful way that inspires others.

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