Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tree Thursday - Pigeon Plum

Pigeon Plum   
Coccoloba diversifolia

Pigeon Plum is one of my favorite South Florida native trees.  It’s a small to medium size growing tree, usually growing to about 25 feet but in rare cases to 35 feet perfect for most South Florida yards.  It requires minimum pruning to maintain a beautifully shaped tree (see picture below).  The species name ‘diversifolia’ describes the leaf characteristics of the Pigeon Plum.  The size of the leaves adjust to the amount of sunlight that they receive – a little sun, big leaves; a lot of sun, small leaves. 

The Pigeon Plum is a ‘cousin’ of the Sea Grape with similar fruit and thick leaves.  Birds love the fruit and if left on its own, the tree can be self-mulching with its leaves.  The tree does have attractive bark that peels revealing different textures. 

Growth Rate – Medium (up to 3 feet per year)
Salt Tolerance – High
Drought Tolerance - High 

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