Thursday, June 7, 2012

Values of Community Trees - Energy Savings

Shade and Energy Savings

Summer shade is pleasant (in South Florida it’s pleasant year-round), but it is far more than that.  According to American Forests, properly planted trees can save 58-65 percent on air conditioning costs.  If applied nationwide to buildings not now benefiting from trees, shade could reduce our nation’s oil consumption by 500,000 barrels of oil PER DAY.  In Sacramento, California, a conscious effort is being made to plant trees in an effort to delay or prevent the construction of additional power plants to meet energy demands.   Shade also can cool parking lots, reducing fumes given off from heated engines and fuel tanks, and it can extend the life of pavement surfaces by 10 years. 

(Taken from the Tree City USA Bulletin – 2007 Annual Report.  Published by the National Arbor Day Foundation)

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